The Echantment Of Luxembourg Stamps

Since 1852, Luxembourg has been delighting collectors with great stamps.


The Grand Duchy’s first stamps were bewildering.  The lower value portrayed Grand Duke William III in three shades of black and the 1 sg issue produced in seven shades of red.

These stamps were replaced with a coat of arms design in 1859.

During World War I, Luxembourg’s leader was a woman, Grand Duchess Marie Adelaide.  She first appeared on a Luxembourg stamp in 1914.  She reigned from 1912 to 1919.

But the Grand Duchess was unpopular and perceived as pro-German, so she took the advice of Luxembourg’s parliament and abdicated after the war.  She moved to Italy, became a nun, and then died in Germany in 1924 at the age of 29.

Luxembourg collectors enjoy well-produced stamps, many of them printed by leading firms such as Courvoisier.  In 1956, the Grand Duchy was one of the first six countries to issue Europa stamps.

Even though Luxembourg is a small country, wedged between France, Belgium, and Germany, it has always been regarded as a great place to visit.

Starting in 1920, and continuing through 1944, a special series of postmarks was used to promote tourism in the Grand Duchy.

Twenty different postmarks were used.  Twelve of them appeared before the Germans occupied Luxembourg during World War II.

One of these special tourism postmarks promoted the small town of Vianden.  Vianden was the last part of the country to be freed from the Nazis, in February, 1945.

Another postmark appeared in 1933 to promote the picturesque town of Remich.

Today, many visitors who take a river cruise along the Moselle board their vessel in Remich.   Remich is on the left bank of the river, which winds through a valley renowned for wine production.

Perhaps the best-known town in Luxembourg’s series of tourism postmarks is Mondorf.  When the search for salt in the 1840s lead to the discovery of restorative thermal waters, Mondorf evolved from a mining town to a resort town.  A spa was first built in 1847, five years before Luxembourg’s first stamps were issued.

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