Liechtenstein Stamp Collecting

One of the pleasures of stamp collecting is how seductively our hobby leads us down roads we never thought we would take.

Liechtenstein Stamps

Years ago, I became so fascinated with Liechtenstein stamps that I literally went down that road, visiting Liechtenstein twice.

It is stunning beautiful.

It is also intriguing, particularly when you consider how a nation so small, just 62 square miles, manages to export so much.

In 2011, Liechtenstein exported 1.3 billion Euros worth of goods to the EU.

The principality’s precision manufacturing earns more than money. It has earned exposure on Liechtenstein’s stamps.

The stamps you see above are part of the “Technical Innovations from Liechtenstein” series, which debuted in 2006.

They depict a Neutrik NC3MX Audio Cable Connector, an Ivoclar Vivadent Bluephase polymerization Unit, and a Prestra DeltaValve Control Variable Valve-Lift System.

Not the typical subject matter of stamps, but unusual and intriguing.

Sadly, so many countries find themselves issuing stamps with topics that have little or nothing to do with their heritage, their economy, or their society.

Kudos to Liechtenstein, home to less than 36,000 citizens, for celebrating its technology, and showcasing its innovations.

I try to keep these fascinating stamps in stock in my online store.

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